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Requirement reduction in APO and Withdrawal Quantity

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Forecast is loaded in Deamnd Planning. Stock integration model is deactivated.

Yet we find that requirement reduction is happening and forecast in APO is getting reduced when PGI happens in


We want to prevent it.

What is the reason for the same? The planning strategy of the material is 10 in ECC.



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Answers (2)

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Hi RS,

Your issue is not clear.

If your issue is in DP, you should ignore the consumption kind of settings and check in DP which macro is doing the re tlevant calculations.

You mentioned something about stock integration model, and then mentioned about forecast reduction during PGI. It's not fitting in.

Please share your scenario, and the exact issue that you are facing. Then only it would be possible to propose a solution.

PS: Consumption is linked to teh time of Sales Order creation, so PGI doesn't fit there. You coudl check the consumption situation by going to RRP3 and checking out the Forecast tab (assuming you released teh forecast from DP to R/3)

Thanks - Pawan

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Deactivating stock Integration model will not help.

Please refer to article on forecast consumption settings which might help