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Replenishment Planning WVM1

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Dear all

We would like to use replenishment Planning (transaction code WVM1) within an S/4 HANA system. We have the same customer number opened for several sales area. The customer is open for several sales area because we have different companies on the same system.

Customer 2028170 opened for sales area 3010/10/00 = Company I and sales area 3910/10/00 = Company II.

When we use transaction code WVM1 there is an error message "EWT 219 No qunique sales area found for goods recipient 2028170". Unfortunately there is no selection field in the selection screen, where I can enter the desired sales area to use. Is this a restriction within replenishment planning that there is no possibility to use SAP standard within the fact that a customer is opened for more than one sales area? Does anybody already have this situation as well?

I already checked SAP OSS and did not find anything regarding this situation.

Best regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Franziska,

I have to confirm, this is not a WVM1 related restriction only, but valid in SAP Retail in general.

If you would try to send POS data via WPMU or even Assortment List via WDBU_HPR (where both transactions have either the Sales Are input field(!) ) with any other Sales area than the one assigned to the site in the Site Master, you would get just an error message.

When these transactions were designed, it was not expected to have multiple Sales area assignment to one site/customer, instead must have separate customer for each company (sales area).

Best regards,

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