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Replenishment in WM

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I am running planned replenishment through SAP WM (not EWM). I have max stock, min stock, control quantity, replenishment quantity and LE quantity mapped for every SKU. The tasks are running fine. Auto TR for replenishment is generated at scheduled intervals as defined. However I have one trouble.

Available quantity in bulk (reserve) bin is less than replenishment quantity. In this case TR is created for replenishment however I am unable to automatically create TO. Instead I have to manually input the available quantity for TO creation.

For example:

Max Qty - 1500

Min Qty - 500

Control Qty - 499

Replenishment Qty - 500

LE Qty - 500

Available Stock in Bulk (Reserve) bin- 50

In the above case replenishment TR created for 500. However I am unable to generate TO for 50 pieces automatically but I have manually input the value. Can the system choose minimum of replenishment quantity and available stock automatically in such cases? Please help.

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