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Reclassification with Posting Level=30 but Consolidation Group empty

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Hello Guys,

I have created 2 alternative consolidation hierarchies for:

- Consolidation processing purposes (hierarchy based on Entities, 1 node per parent entity),

- Reporting purposes (hierarchy based on Location, 1 node per Country).

I want to determine the consolidation group dynamically all along the process depending on the hierarchy I am selecting.

I manage to apply this logic except for the last step of my Consolidation process which Reclassify data with posting Level 30. I want to record these posting at the entity level but the Consolidation Group is stored in my Total Table meaning that I cannot display these data selecting the Location based hierarchy.

I am having this conceptual problem with EC-CS but I know that the same logic apply into SEM BCS, does anyone of you could help me finding a solution?

Is there a way to post documents with PLEVL=30 but with RCONGR empty?

Thank you in advance for your help



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Posting level 30 must include cons group.

If a reclassification for posting level 30 is defined, it must be executed separately for each of the hierarchies. The simplest solution is to execute the posting level 30 tasks (COI, PII, reclass, etc.) for each hierarchy.

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Thank you again Dan for your helpful answer