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Quotas in PDS

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Is it possible to maintain quotas in PDS similar to PPMs? I realize PDSs cannot be changed/maintained in APO but are there any BADIs which would help create quotas when I have multiple valid PDS for a sungle product.

appreciate all your help!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Varun,

It is possible to use quotas when you use PDS. You can create Quotas using the standard transaction /SAPAPO/SCC_TQ1 - Quota Arrangement. You are not changing a PDS when you create a Quota but only selecting the PDS as a source of supply when you define your quota.

While defining the quotas if you select 'In-House' production for a given plant, the source of supply (PDS or PPM) can be specified. Pls note that the PDS should be defined earlier to be available as a valid source of supply while creating Quotas.

Just a reminder, the PDS will be sometimes displayed as PPM in Quota initially, but when you press 'save' it will show type as PDS.

Hope this helps.



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