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Query Related to FSCM Credit Management

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Hi Experts,

We have multi-location roll outs happening in phases. While we did the CM implementation for one location, we had activated 2 BADIs. Now for location2, there is a list of 10 BADIs to be activated which includes 2 BADIs which we already activated at the time of Location1

Query # 1
As far as I believe, there is nothing specific to company code or credit segment for BADI right? What I feel is once a BADI is active, its active across clients so restricting this only for Location 2 is a bit difficult- Correct me if I am wrong. But still is there a way to restrict the enhancement to specific company code?if yes how?

Query # 2
There are certain nodes which are not active for configuration (Example is as below):

Active business functions are highlighted as below: what else need to be set active to enable above nodes for configuration? Or there is altogether a different approach is to be adopted?

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