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Query on Implementation DCD FSCM credit management for blocked orders in an upgraded ECC system

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Dear Experts,

We have got a requirement from our Client to Implement Documented credit decisions for blocked sales order under FSCM credit management.

The ECC system has now got upgraded to EHP7 and the FSCM system is on EHP6. We understand the case and record model has to be used for DCD but we need pointer on few technical queries-

1.Which is the standard program which will help trigger DCD when sales order check fails in ECC system?

2. What is the standard classes/ methods/ proxy which will help pass the data from the sender system?

3. What is the standard classes/Methods/Proxy which will help receive data in FSCM system and help create and update DCD in FSCM.

4.What is the standard classes/Methods which will help send data to ECC for update of sales order when a DCd case is rechecked/ rejected or released?

5. What are the mandatory fields that needs to be passed from ECC to FSCM systems

This is an urgent requirement and any help on this will be highly appreciated.


Neha Sinha

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