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Queries on SAP ASPM - Spare Part criticality assessment etc.,

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Dear team,

I have a query on below things related to SAP ASPM. I would appreciate if anyone show some light on these queries.

  1. Does ASPM capable of performing SPARE PART criticality?
  2. Post FMEA analysis, can task list be created for the recommended actions for an asset automatically from ASPM? Or how does the data flow seamlessly from ASPM when there is an update in FMEA analysis & corresponding recommendations to a Task List in EAM? Automatic or manual update?
  3. How does Asset criticality ranking transferred from ASPM to EAM asset data and which field does store the criticality value in standard?
  4. Can procurement cycle be initiated for spare parts from ASPM or IAM? Is SAP MM data can be visible or transferred to IAM/ASPM? E.g spare parts in ASPM FMEA analysis considering component level analysis?

Looking forward for your response for above queries.



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