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Program to execute Process Chains in APO

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I'm trying to find a program in APO that can execute Process Chains. Is there any standard program in APO that enables to execute Process Chain? or does a custom program need to be created?

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Hello Jaroslav,

A process chain can run on it's own without an external ABAP program triggering it. Here are some examples:

1) You can set your process chain to be triggered by SAP event. Create the event in SM62 and then use that in your chain. Then trigger the event using SM64 and your chain should run after that.

2) You can just schedule your chain to run on a specific date or in some periods.

If you really want to trigger your process chain using an ABAP program or planning book macro or whatever custom functionality, then you can use function module RSPC_API_CHAIN_START.

Hope this helps.