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Product Specific Transportation lane Vs All Products

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Hi SNC Experts,

Every Day we are facing SNC RON XML failures due to Master Data setup issue in ECC.

I fond that we can setup a All Product Transportation Lane. I have not tried it.

I would like to seek Expert Advise on:

the -ve impacts of suggesting Client to use All Production TL. I am assuming this would actually remove the need to CIFing Info Records for New Materials.

Please advise if this is a good suggestion ?.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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'All products' tlanes are generally used for units within the organization. (viz., between DC & plant). This is mainly used for APO processes.

However, when we deal with units outside the organization (eg. suppliers), then 'All products' should not be used. If used, there is a risk that supplier will see the products which he might not be supplying in first place.

Agreed to the argument that the supplier might not see the transactional data for that product as there will be none created in ECC, but not many business would like to even show all the products to supplier other than the ones which are being supplied by that supplier.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hello MJ,

If you use All product for transportation lane then:

Supplier can see all the product which are there for plant in any of product field of SNC web ui by F4 help which means supplier can see product including those which he is not supplying.

Example:1234567890 is a supplier, plant ABCD and we have transportation with all product.

supplier supplies prodcut A and B only to the plant but plant has product A,B,C and D (which are CIF )

Now whenever supplier press F4 in product field of SNC Web UI supplier can see product C and D even though he is not supplying this product which not right.

Moreover, you will loose functionality like:

SNC copies the order unit, the unit conversion factors and the tolerances from the contract or info record (if no contract exists) into the PO item whenever the validation check "PO_CONTRACT_ASSIGN" si active.