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Process Order scheduling dates not sync with PPDS/Product view

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Hi Team,

When we are creating the process order manually and changing the scheduling dates (start & end dates) by adjusting the master recipe hrs, same order dates are not reflecting in S4 PPDS / Product view (rrp3).

I understand planning & scheduling happening in PPDS, but due to special scenario we are creating process order in S4 manually.

Please suggest for any standard setting available to sync the scheduling dates. Thanks.

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Hi ,

It is not a good practice to create production orders manually for eppds scheduled products. The better way is to create a planned order manually in /SAPAPO/RRP3 and perform the conversion in ePPDS. This shall keep all the systems in sync. If you create production orders manually most of the time it should ideally be in a deallocated status in ePPDS. Which is an indication that the orders are not consuming capacity and are not scheduled. The reason why manual creation of production orders needs to be avoided is its impact on capacity and sequence which is controlled in ePPDS and not in ECC. My recommendation is to create and convert the orders via ePPDS so that the planner or scheduler are in control of the schedule and its in sync with manufacturing.

The other option as i said is perform rescheduling post creation of production order in S4.