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Problem accessing the livecache - /SAPAPO/SDRQCR21

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Hi All,

Background job for program "/SAPAPO/SDRQCR21" is failing in SAP SCM 7.0 system due to below error message.

"Problems accessing SAP liveCache"

There was no dump or any error message in SM21 at the time job failure or durig the job run. I have also checked the live cache availability and live cache was up and running during this time. Trace log shows that SCM system was able to connect live cache successfully.


07:48:21 2015

B  Connect to LCA as XXXADM with

C  Try to connect as XXXADM/<pwd> on connection 1 ...

C  Attach to SAP DB : Kernel    7.7.07   Build 045-123-247-303

C  Database release is SAP DB

C  INFO : Database 'XXX' instance is running on 'XXXXX'

C  DB max. input host variables  : 2000

C  DB uses MVCC support          : 0


C  INFO : Connect to DB as 'XXXADM'

C  Command info enabled

Now I'm connected to SAP DB

C  01: XXXXX-XXX, since=20150807074821, ABAP= /SAPAPO/SAPLOM_CORE (5250)

B  Connection 1 opened (DBSL handle 1)


But later batckground job was cancelled automatically and in next 3 seconds WP got restarted. SCM system was disconnected from Livecache.


09:52:16 2015

ThNeedWpRestart: abap strategy == kill, restart

M ThWpRestart: restart wp (pid=12864) automatically

Disconnecting from ALL connections:

B  Wp  Hdl ConName                        ConId     ConState     TX  HC  PRM RCT FRC TIM MAX OPT Date     Time   DBHost

B  003 000 R/3                            000000000 INACTIVE     NO  NO  YES NO  NO  000 255 255 20150807 045113 YYYYY

B  003 001 LCA                            003034031 INACTIVE     NO  NO  NO  NO  NO  004 255 255 20150807 074821 XXXXX

C  Disconnecting from connection 0 ...

C  Closing user session (con=0,svchp=0x969c3d8,usrhp=0x96de3f0)

C  Detaching from DB Server (con=0,svchp=0x969c3d8,srvhp=0x969ee68)

C  Disconnected (con=0) from ORACLE.

B  Disconnected from connection 0

C  Disconnecting from connection 1 ...

C  Now I'm disconnected from SAP DB

B  Disconnected from connection 1


I suspect this is a heap memory issue. As heap memory got exausted, work process was restarted automatically and when it tried to connect Livecache, it couldn't connect and job failed with an error "Problems accessing SAP liveCache". But the log doesn't show any reference to it.

Another blog Report /sapapo/sdrqcr21 - problem accessing liv... | SCN   talks about the simliar problem, but I could not see function module /SAPAPO/OM_PEG_CAT_GET_ORDERS, so not sure whether it is relevant or not.

Kindly request you to suggest on this.



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Answers (1)

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Hello Suhas,

I recommend you to create the SAP message to BC-DB-LCA component & get SAP support.

- Check the job log.

- Check the LCA/LDA/LEA connections settings.

   Run checks in //om13 and be see if all 3 are green.

- Check the system log in /nsm21.

- Check the LCA trace  01 errors. ABAP dumps.

- Check the liveCache traces/logs


Best regards, Natalia Khlopina