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Print on a single inventory document EWM multiple storage bins

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I appreciate your support with the following question: Is it possible print in only one sheet multiple storage bins?

I explain: In the creation of physical inventory in EWM I have next scenario:

1. Create Physical Inventory Document with transaction /SCWM/PI_CREATE for 1 Storage bin and 4 products

2. Next, one inventory document EWM is created:

3. In transaction /SCWM/PI_PROCESS - Process Physical Inventory Document, print the document:

4. System shows a message:

5. When I check in transaction SP02, 4 Spool orders and 4 sheets are generated: 1 sheet per storage bin. We need the 4 storage bins and 4 products to be printed on the same physical sheet

6. Detail on every sheet. We are printing too many sheets and a lot of space is wasted on each sheet

Thank you!

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Hi Eszter

Yes, with /SCWM/PRPI_DOC, a single sheet was printed.

Thank you very much for your answer