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PPM Deletion causing Deletion Flag on R/3 Production Order

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In SCM 5.0 Dev system we realized that if the PPM (with existing Production Orders - From R/3) is deleted using /SAPAPO/PPM_DEL it sets a DLFL - Deletion Flag on the existing Production Orders in R/3. Is this standard system behavior ?


Sandeep Mondkar

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Sandeep,

What you've observed is the standard behavior.

You can find a detailed explanation in note 488967 (This note is a documentation note so it's valid for all releases) :

- Plans with orders

This button apears only if any order was found for a plan.

In the case, you can press them and new screen

(plans with orders only) will be displaying there.

When you mark any plan with orders, the processing was divided into

two steps.

1) Deleting all orders for a plan.

2) Deleting a plan (at this time without any order).


So it's correct that the order will get DLFL afterwards.

If you have an integration model for orders, then the deletion will

be transferred back to R/3 system.

As a work around, in /n/sapapo/c4, you can set the User ID

who performs the deletion to "C collect changes".

Then the deletion will not be transferred back immediately.

Later in /n/sapapo/c5, you can find the change pointers

for the deleted orders and delete them.

I hope this will help you.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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We are talking about Production Order in R/3 getting the deletion flag from APO.

Are there any other reasons which can set Deletion Flag on R/3 Production Order from APO?



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it would be standard behavior - if your PPM is deleted you cant be making the order.

if you are planning to change the PPM in the future change the validity date and the orders after the end date would get deleted. the orders before it would still be fine

"Time Validity

The availability date/time of the planned order must be in the PPMu2019s validity period. For the PPM, the system automatically uses the validity period that you have entered in the plan for the output product. "