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PP/DS Send Zero Schedule Agreement Releases

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Hi everyone,

In a scenario, when we need to change the quantity of Scheduling Agreement Releases to zero system doesn't allow us. Our usual scenario is like this; after we run the MRP and we create the releases and that release is reflected to the MM side and then the MM side with a help of third-party integration they send the quantity to the vendors.

The problem that we face is customers have a few scenarios where they might want to create zero releases for situations where the quantity is turned into zero and they want this to be reflected on the MM side too

We've found SNote's but they are already uploaded to the system. We can see the allow zero releases button in /SAPAPO/PWBSRC1 but it always gives the error that you can see down below. Which it says the order doesn't exist. We have found a heuristic that deletes releases but that heuristic won't reflect the result to the MM side and this is a crucial point because the vendor gets this information from the MM side. Any ideas about how to solve this? Any help would be appreciated

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Hey everyone,

SAP released a note for this

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