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Posting of transactions in R3 when planning run is happening in APO.

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Hi. Studs,

When we are taking a planning run/optimisation run, system is preventing me from posting data in a production order. It gives the message 'RFCUSER is currently processing order no xxxxx.'

How should we avoid this. The production order is existing and is being posted with confirmations every 15 minutes through an online interface with an automation system.

Please advise.

Nitin Thatte

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Answers (2)

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To Avoid inconsistecy in result generated by Optimiser it is a best practice to stop all your CIF queue.

Please schedule CIF block job (/SAPAPO/CIFSTOPQUEUES) in se38 before optimizer run and after optimizer run got finished you unlock queues by (/SAPAPO/CIFSTARTQUEUES).

If you are using job schedular then keep cif block job before optimizer job and cif unlock job after optimizer job. ( you can also use process chain for the same to automate).

Use following jobs

RSTRFCI1 : stop Inbound Queues

RSTRFCI3 : Restart Inbound Queue

RSTRFCQ1: Stop Outbound Queue

RSTRFCQ3t: Restart Outbound Queue.

Hope it helps



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Hi Nitin,

When planning run/optimisation run is happening, it is advisable not to change the transactional data as it wil disturb the run as well as alter the quality of results obtained.

I would suggest you could look into the possibilities of carrying out planning run on the following.

1) During night times when no transactions are happening

2) To run at a time where transactions are very least or zero

3) To run on holidays

4) To inform users during run not to carry out transactions till run completed.

Hope any one of the four solutions will work for you.

Please confirm


R. Senthil Mareeswaran.

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1. Set up your planning job to work with a specific userid on SCM.

2. Maintain that userid to use change pointers (dmcp).

3. In the beginning of the planning job, stop the inbound and outbound CIF.

4. Run the planning job.

5. Start the inbound and outbound CIF.

6. Release the change pointers.

If you try to run a planning job with the CIF wide open, when the optimizer writes back to LCA and finds a data mismatch it will boost a simulation session and copyin from sim to active in a live box isn't something I wish on my worst enemy.

good luck