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PO form (Import) - Tax Number not flowing to XML & CDS

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Hello Team,

In PO form, we tried to print the Tax Number of Import Suppliers from countries, But the Tax Numbers are not flowing to XML and I_Supplier CDS view. 

This issue is only for BP master maintained with other countries & other Tax Categories.

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The tax ID can be fetched through one of the API "API_BUSINESS_PARTNER "

Please refer to:

API Business Hub:

Also see the request on the customer influence portal

There is a PO Output form in place where the customers can design it so that the tax information is printed only for certain suppliers. Please note:

For help with configuration, how-to, and implementation issues, please visit the appropriate self-service resources listed in the KBA Alternately, speak with your Account Executive or Customer Engagement Executive about Professional Services options or about engaging an SAP Authorized Partner about customisations.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

SAP Support