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Planning area and info cube

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Hi Guys,

If you have loaded data from info cube to planning area and forgot to make the variant, is there any way we can find that the data in the planning area has come from which info cube?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Idrees,

Answer would be yes if you uploaded the data using a background job.

In this case, go to SM37. Give the name of program as /SAPAPO/RTSINPUT_CUBE, give user name as * or otherwise give the SAP UserID if you know who ran the job, give relevant date range and then you would be able to get the background jobs that ran for getting the data from cube to planning area.

In the displayed list of job, select the check-box for the job which you want to check. Click on "step". You would see a list of steps for the job. Select the step and go to the path Goto-> maintain variants-> change. Here you could see the selection criteria for the particular run of the job.

If the transfer happened in foreground, I am afraid you can't directly find out from where the data has come (unless you had something in your planning area design which captures this information through some custom development). However, you could directly check in the cube if a particular CVC exists or not. Go to RSA1. Click on infoprovider. Search for your cube by using the search functionality. Then you can right click on the cube and use teh option of "display data" to see the data in teh cube. Give the relevant selection criteria for which you want to see the data. This point would only be relevant assuming that you store the data for a specific CVC only in a particular cube or only in few cubes.

Thanks - Pawan

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Thanks I did not get the result as I wanted but it is a SAP limitation.  You answer was clear and helped me a lot to approach in right direction

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