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Percentage of Total days in a month till current date

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We want to get a percentage of Total days in a month till current date / total days in a month


Suppose in April 2018 as per fiscal period(Technical Week) total number of days is 29

Today is April 25 th 2018

So they want to have a kf which will calculate a percentage

KF 3 = 25/29 *100 = 86%

Any idea how to get this done in IBP

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Argha
do you have already a key figure or attribute that tells you how many (working / calendar) days you have in the month (that would be the "29" in your calculation). I sometimes have that as an integer attribute to the time profile, and with that I can grab the information by calculation. Working with those can be a bit tricky as you need to map to a real KF with the planning levels


Alternatively and pretty simple you could have a key figure on daily base in which you have the value "1" per each day. As you want to display this information in excel or chart, you need to attach it to a planning level that minimum has one more key beside the DAY and which should be quite high level
E.g. if you want to display some kind of working calendar, that usually is per country or per location. To make it easy in the description I assume per location.
(If you want calendar days instead of working days, you could work higher such as region, where you have maybe just 3 regions, or even have any attribute that always has a constant dummy value, just in order to map it to other planning level which than would need to have that attribute as well).

So you could have a planning level "DAYLOC" with KF1 "Workingdays".

So, you can have KF1@DAYLOC = loaded with value 1 on each (working)day of the location
And you have a calculation KF1@MONTHLOC = SUM( "KF1@DAYLOC" )

Plus a helper@MONTHLOC = "KF1@MONTHLOC"

Than KF3@DAYLOC = "KF1@DAYLOC" / "helper@MONTHLOC"
With display setting as percentage, and in excel EPM sheet mark the KF3 as percentage as well, so you don't need to multiply with 100

There are other solutions, and potentially without the need of additional storage KF. But this one is a very simple one...


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