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OER responce for Central no. administration

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We have mantained the central no. administration settings and requested initila no. ranges from  SAP AII via PI to OER.

But, we're getting "Request rejected" message from OER.

We have checked all the settings again which looks ok.

Could you please help to know how we can find out for why this request is getting rejected?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The issue may be due to the below reasons

1. Absence / Improper maintenance of the number range for the requested number range object in the OER .

2. The Number range for the requested number range object is already consumed.

If the above criteria are maintained,

While requesting the Initial Number Range from the AII Instance, make sure the details entered (such as the company prefix, Tag encoding type) matches the ones maintained in the OER.

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Sam Anish

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