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ODT40_TO_EXP_EV_DATE : Usage & Configuration Node

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Hi Everyone ,

I waschecking the standard EE profile ODT40 . And I came across the field: Set EE Date Fct . The F1 help states that if it is blank the EE dates will be as per the configuration in EE Profile & otherwise it will follow as per assigned.

I am confused about its usage. Firstly I am unable to find the configuration node for this Activity in the system & secondly does this mean , if we don't want to use an EE Extractor Function in Application System or so we can directly write a logic & assign it to each event.

I am currently using SAP EM 9.2 SP 12. Can anyone help me to understand it more.

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Hi Arun

First, you can define these functions in the SPRO node "Define Functions for SAP Event Management" ( configuration cluster /SAPTRX/VC_TSFUNC, which you can access directly via SM34 ) and then the group "Expected Event Date Functions".

The idea is that if you need some complex logic to define the dates of the expected events, you can use these functions to implement it.

You can take a look at the code of ODT40_TO_EXP_EV_DATE, which is a logical name for function module /SAPTRX/ODT40_TO_EXP_EV_DATE, to understand the possibilities.

This code would change the dates of the expected events in the EM event handler. The EE extractor in the application system is not affected.

Hope it helps.

Regards, Rafael.