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Non-standard delivery integration interface(Custom delivery IDoc--> PI --> TM)

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My assumption is that our PI resource will map incoming fields to the service(IntracompanyTransportationRequestRequest_In) and create DTR in TM.

The inbound 940 also has large amount "extra fields" that is not required but management is keen on saving this data in TM for later use.

What would be the best approach to take here?

My current approach is to :

1. Enhance the service(IntracompanyTransportationRequestRequest_In) in TM to allow for these extra fields to created. Once PI calls this service, use the BADI for this service to get the extra fields and save it 'somewhere'. Maybe I will also need to enhance the business object for DTR(create a new node) to hold these extra fields? Is my idea a valid approach?


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I don't know the exact requirement, but it might be that the management wants to have the information for reporting purposes (only). I suppose you get the data from ECC/GTS (since you speak about DTR and intracompany). You also might consider to connect the information in SAP BW and connect here the data from the different source systems(ECC/GTS/TM), factors for consideration might be:

- How does the standaard BW content from TM look like, is this enough for the management or a lot of enhancements still have to be made regarding custom information (If the standard TM reports in BW are sufficient your suggestion to enhance the service might be a good idea or maybe they just want to report on the TM POWL's(and will they contain the required information??))

- How does the management want to see the data/Reports. Is there a need to see it from a historical perspective e.g. your supplier moves from one country to another and this has to vissible, in that case I would choose for BW reports.

- How handles the system delta's(CRUD) in case of enhancing the service, will all the fields be updated in TM correctly to meet the reporting requirement of the management? How much customer development/testing is required?

- Which information is already available in your datawarehouse(BW). Maybe all the required information is already loaded from TM/ECC/GTS, but is it matter of 'only' linking the data. In that case I would consider BW.

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Thanks for you answer.

BW is not in scope at all. This is an integration of ECC -->PI --> TM

ECC send a custom delivery to PI(which contains data I need to create to create DTR but also contains other delivery data which I would like to save into TM for future).

What would be the best approach for such scenario?

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I am new to TM,come from a ECC background,can you help me with how TM consumes EDI Inbound messages,we are looking for something like 214 219 856 858 etc...I know TM does not support IDOCs as the ECC world, so trying to get a hang of it...

Any help would be appreciated