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No valid setup/clean-out PPM found - Product campaign

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I am trying to create a setup/clean-out order for the production campaign orders in the DS planning board screen, when doing so the error * "No valid setup/clean-out PPM found"* appears.

As said in the SAP help i have maintained the below master data settings

1. Created the setup group / setup key in APO

2. Created the PPM for product and assigned the setup group to it.

3. created the PPM for dummy product which is used for generating Setup/clean out orders. Assigned the setup group.

4. Assigned the setup matrix in the resource..

5. Given the setup time taken between the setup groups..

6. The transfer of PV from ECC to APO happened correctly

7. Setup group created in ECC was CIFed correctly to APO.

Even after doing the mandatory settings i am facing the problem. Can anyone suggest me where i am going wrong.

I am using SCM 7.0




Error Message

No valid setup/clean-out PPM found

Message no. /SAPAPO/PCM077


You have tried to automatically create a setup/clean-out order. However, the system did not carry out this function.

This may be due to the following reasons:

The setup/clean-out PPM does not exist anymore.

The setup/clean-out PPM is not active.

The setup/clean-out PPM has not been assigned to the planning version used.

The setup/clean-out plan and setup/clean-out product have not been assigned correctlcy in the setup matrix.


Check whether:

The setup/clean-out plan and setup/clean-out product assigned in the setup matrix belong together

An active setup/clean-out PPM with the correct planning version exists for them


If the PPM has been replaced by a different PPM that has the same name and uses the same product and the same plan, you must update the setup/clean-out group transition in the setup matrix. Delete the old entry and enter the new PPM.

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Answers (1)

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HI Victor,

In the setup matrix you are suppose to maintain the dummy PPM detains aganist the setup groups.

means: maintain the following information in setup matrix and try

Setup transactiopn type: I

Predecssr: Setup group 1

Sucessor: Setup group 2

Setup time: blank

Unit: Min

plan: Dummy PPM

Product: Dummy product


Sravan maturu