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No destination locations found for material &1 location &2 although the used transportation lane is valid within the used deployment horizon.

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Hello Gurus:

When I execute heuristic deployment appears the following message: /SAPAPO/SDP_DEP 014; No destination locations found for material &1 location &2.

  • I set the indicator: No Message for Missing Destination transaccion /SAPAPO/SNP02
  • I have a valid trasnportation lane.
  • I have parameters pull and push
  • The horzion planning in transaction //SNP02 is smaller than validity date in trasnportation lane.
  • in customizing,  for global  SNP settings, I have no messages for Deployment Log: Pull Horizon no set

Although the message continues.

Does anypone have an idea?

SAP notes: 991375 & 1338783 are not usful because I have APO 713 (008)


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you have recently made changes to the Transportation lanes, sometimes you have to run a consistency check report "/SAPAPO/TS_LCM_CONS_CHECK" for your planning area with the options below:

  • Log
  • Repair
  • Check LiveCache Anchor
  • Check SNP master data.



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