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No 101 MvT in S/4 even after performing Goods receipt in Embedded EWM with RFUI app

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Hi Experts,

I created PO in S/4 with confirmation control key of Inbound delivery. Then I used the Fiori app : Create Inbound deliveries to create the inbound delivery (example EWM Inbound Delivery: 411 and LE Delivery: 1000000310 got created) No PO history tab created in the PO yet. Later I used the Fiori App: Test RF Environment to perform the Goods receipt, Create the Warehouse task and to Confirm the warehouse task. When I check the tcode /SCWM/MON for Stock I do see the GR date and stock at the destination bin for which the warehouse task got confirmed.

My question: After I have done the Goods receipt in RFUI and Confirmed the warehouse task I still do not see the PO history button for the PO that I created in first step.

Also when I check SAP standard documentation for inbound delivery with embedded EWM it says that once you do goods receipt in EWM the inbound delivery in S/4 will get updated. When I go to VL33N I am not able to find the LE delivery number. How can I check that the inbound delivery got updated and with what indicator? Are there any settings for this?

Also in the MATDOC table I do not see any entries. is that normal? I was expecting the material document being created once the receipt of the goods is completed.

Thanks in advance for your support.



Note: I am using S/4 with Embedded EWM on premise 1909

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