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New to SAP TM development/coding

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Hi All,

I am new to SAP TM development.. We have got a new system (SAP TM) and our functional has done the basic configuration.. Waiting for the PI/XI box to be given for connecting with ECC.. Mean while i would like to know the difference between seeing the transactions in sap tm system and logging with NWBC..

We have created a Freight booking and freight order through NWBC..

I am not able to figure out in which table the freight orders and freight bookings are stored.

I did not find any entry in any of the tables

Why cant we create any transactions in SAP TM system directly...

Can any one let me know how a technical person scope of work differs in TM system with that of NWBC and TM system..

Do we also do coding in NWBC or its always in the TM system.

I saw that certain transactions only execute through NWBC where as they are not valid in TM system.

How different would be the initial set up of master data and creating some transactions.

Kindly help,


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Dear Amar,

All the applications, such as, forwarding agreement, forwarding order, freight order/booking, are developed in FPM(UI) and BOPF framework(backend logic related to main business process). FPM and BOPF are connected by FBI(FPM BOPF interface), and these applications can be configured in the PFCG role which can be assigned to TM user.

In TM, normally we don't need to know the exact table name but just to access(read/write) the data of relevant nodes data/buffer data by BO(busines object modeled in BOPF framework) dependent service manager who can create/update/delete/query the data of relevant node/buffer data insead of accessing the DB directly.

Most of the TM master data/transaction data are created from NWBC.

BR, Dawson

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Dear Amar,

Please find below answers to your questions.

1. Table name - /SCMTMS/D_TORROT. This is the table in which Freight order, Freight booking and Freight unit. ROOT data get's stored in this table.

2. SAP TM is a combination of Web Enabled applications. So you will find a separate application for Forwarding order, Freight order, Freight booking creation. If you have PFCG Roles created with any of these Web Dynpro applications assigned to your role and it is assigned to your User, then you should be able to create from SAP TM Easy access menu. Either you can launch these applications in Internet explorer or NWBC.

3. Whenever there is any need of customer specific developments, enhancements, for support and maintenance of SAP TM system, Both Technical and Functional help would require.

4.We will not do any coding for NWBC. Only roles are deployed, therefore you will get the links enabled.

Hope most of your doubts are cleared.