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Need to stop batch no copy from SO to at the time of process order confirmation

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Good afternoon!

In my SAP system when I am creating a SO (MTO), run MRP and create process order, the system will automatically flow the SO batch number to the RM at the time of product confirmation. I need the reason for this BATCH number flow and want to no the process of stop that.

Ashfaque Hasan.

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I assume that the issue related to batch determination.

During production order confirmation if automatic batch determination enabled then the system identifies the based on selection conditions and updates the batch numbers.

If you generate batch while creating a sales order then it should not copy to raw materials. Raw materials have it's own batches and it consume during production process exection.

Best Regards,


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Yes this issue is related to batch determination. The raw materials batch has been automatically flown from RM stock. I have found the reason.

Thanks for the guideline.