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Need to Add Nav attributes for 9A* characteristics to be used in SNP

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Hi friends

I am in SCM7.1 system ( fresh installation)

Can any one please help me to provide procedure to add navigational attributes to SAP standard Chars. 9AMATNR and 9ALOCNO, they have to be used for standard POS 9ASNPBAS to be used for SNP.

I am trying to add the template characteristics that i have created for both 9AMATNR and 9ALOCNO, but it disappears from the POS.

Is there a limitation in APO that standard characterisitcs cannot be added with attributes ? if it can be done is there any (Exit, BADI) that needs to be used.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Ashfaq,

Agree with comments from Rajesh.

You can't touch the standard characteristics from SNP perspective.

If it was DP, you could have created your own custom characteristics and used them, but in SNP, even this is not advisable.

You could possibly update the location-product master with a custom attribute (that you can add in "extras" tab), and then you could possibly use this custom attribute in the relevant planning function. This is the only flexibility that you would have in SNP.

Thanks - Pawan

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Hi Ashfaq,

                      What is the business requirement? Why do you want to create Nav. attributes in SNP?



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Hi Ashfaq,

SAP did not provide any customization or configuration way to define the aggregates similar to DP. The default aggregates such as 9AMALO, 9AMALA, etc. are sort of hard coded with standard characteristics. Unfortunately, there is no way to enhance those objects with navigation attributes. Due to this reason, even if you add attributes to 9AMATNR or 9ALOCNO, they won't be recognized by the POS.