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Need help on SAP APO

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We are in process of evaluating SAP APO for one of our subsidiaries which is into computer AMC business.

I undersatand that SAP APO has a service part management module and i need some clarity on certain functionality aspects of the product, for example

- Does SAP APO manage alternate part list?

- Does it compute reorder level for spares and also can it provide ROL for multiple plant location

- Does it compute ROL considering the Alternate Parts Availability?

- Does the system consider spares reparability factor while planning for spares?

- Does the spares planning logic modeled on consumption of spares or on some other logic?

We are currently on SAP R/3 ECC 6.0.

Standard MM & SD modules are used for the subsidiary in discussion.

FI is also used but posting is done only for few cases as it is under control of corporate Finance.

Thanking in advance for the responses.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I am also intrested to know about this. One of our client wants to implement SPP. At present they are in ECC 6.0.

Can any please share the information on SPP.

Now if they want to enter in to SCM system what are the other modules they have to implement along with SPP?

Thanks in advance


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