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Need FM or class method to create outbound delivery(SCWM/PRDO) and pack HU in EWM

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Hi Experts,

Need FM or Bapi or Class to create the outbound delivery manually and pack HU into it in EWM.

The above functionality is the replica of /SCWM/PRDO Transaction to create outbound deliveries.

I have document type, partner no and HU as input. Based on these inputs need to create a delivery with the given HU.

I have debugged the standard to find the relevant FMs but no use.

Thanks in advance.


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I have debugged the standard and found the solution for the creation of direct outbound delivery in EWM.

Below are the Steps.

1.Initialisation and proposal of the delivery number.

/scmb/if_sp_aspect~insert of /SCWM/CL_SP_PRD_OUT.

with the header structure-'/SCWM/S_SP_A_HEAD'

2. Fetch partner related details.

/scmb/if_sp_aspect~select of /SCWM/CL_SP_PRD_OUT.


3.Popupalte partner detail, an important step to create the OBD.

/scmb/if_sp_aspect~insert of /SCWM/CL_SP_PRD_OUT.


4. Creation of delivery with HU.

/scmb/if_sp_aspect~insert of /SCWM/CL_SP_PRD_OUT.

'/SCWM/S_SP_A_HU' Is the Aspect.

'/SCWM/HEAD_TO_HU' is the relation.

5. Save the OBD.

/scmb/if_sp_aspect~save of /SCWM/CL_SP_PRD_OUT.

The /SCWM/CL_SP_PRD_OUT class is an abstract class, create a public class and use the above class the superclass to utilise those methods.