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Multiple Vendors Subcontracting with Third-Party Provision of Components in PP/DS

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Hi everyone,

We have one component and two parent materials (subcontracting semifinished products / F30 to be more exact) that we manage with scheduling agreement for purchasing. Once we purchase the component from the vendor, we want vendor to ship the component to the subcontracting vendors. So the vendor wants to know the quantity and the relevant subcontractor information in the scheduling agreement.

Let's say we will purchase 100 pieces from the vendor and they will send 30 pieces to subcontractor A and remaining 70 pieces to subcontracter B and these requirements are needed at the same date, so MRP bundles them to the same date as 100 pieces in the scheduling agreement.

The need is to seperate the schedule lines according to the location that vendor needs to ship the materials. Therefore when we run the PP/DS MRP or heuristics, the system should create a schedule line for the same date as 30 pieces and another schedule line for the same date as 70 pieces.

Is there a standard way or best practice for managing 3rd party provision with multiple vendors in the PP/DS or MM modules? Or we need to develop a custom solution by manipulating the PP/DS MRP for duplicating the schedule lines according to subcontracting vendors?

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You can create 2 subcontracting locations for individual subcontractor and use subcontracting with source location concept in pp/ds.

Also to split requirements use quota arrangement.


Ninad Narad