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Multiple skill validity periods in SAP FSM


Hi everyone,

We are currently implementing SAP FSM for a client.

This client uses skill assignment for periods of time. When assigning a skill to a person from the masterdata view, it is possible to add a start and end date for this skill. The skill will only be considered as owned by the technician in this specific time frame.

However, we want to assign the skill for more than 1 time frame. For example, the technician possesses the skill in january, april and august of this year, but not in the other months. This helps our automatic planning in rotating specific types of work between technicians, thereby guaranteeing good coverage of skills in the longterm.

Does someone know if and how you can assign multiple validity periods to a skill assignment?

Hope to hear from you.

Kind regards,


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Hi Krijn,

This feature of multiple validity periods is currently not supported, but this is planned for our future releases. Please watch out for our roadmap presentations for more information.

Thanks & Regards,