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Multi-level error propagation during the execution of CFM2 transaction

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We are implementing SAP SCM 5.0 integrated to SAP R/3 Mills IS.

During the execution of CFM2 transaction, while trying to activate the integration model for the object u201COrdersu201D for the very first time, the following error message appears:

*"Multi-level error propagation carried out".*

There are also messages related to inbound queues blocked. In the case of maintenance orders, CIF_MNT_INBOUND message shows up. While working with Production orders, CIF_ORDER_INBOUND message emerges.

The items listed below should be taken into account:

-The production orders that are meant to be transferred to APO are regular production orders corresponding to several products.

-We are working with configurable materials.

-We are working with the active model (000) and for each plant we are using 2 different planning versions.


Analía Nahmías

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Analía,

The corresponding error messages issued when executing //CCR indiacted the peg-ids are missing in liveCache.


-Run transaction /SAPAPO/OM17 to check the internal consistency between database and liveCache within SCM system. Correct the inconsistencies

-Execute report /sapapo/cif_deltareport3 to correct the inconsistencies between ECC and SCM system



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Dear Tibor,

Your answer was very useful!!...

By following your instructions we could get rid of the error.

Thank you very much for sharing your Knowledge!!!


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