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Moving Sample Stock to Quality Inspection

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I need a process flow with customizing settings to send a part (sample) of a inbound delivery for quality inspection and store the rest. After the quality inspection the part has to be stored in the same place as the rest. Example delivery of material A with 10 pallets. 1 pallet of it goes to quality inspection. 9 pallets are putaway storage. After the quality inspection the 1 pallet is put away.

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Hello Viktor

Are you using S4 HANA 2021? If yes- then the functionality you are looking can be setup in S4 HANA 2021.

If you are using below versions, then this is not possible. All pallets will go to quality work center where you can take the UD for the pallets and decide if they should be put away or blocked or lying in the quality work center itself.

You can go through below blog post from SAP.

Regards- ASLAM