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Movement Reason in /SCWM/AQUA considered as inconsitency

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Hello everyone,

i was running /SCWM/CHM_LOG today for the Available quanities

and the system showed several inconsitencies in the /SCWM/AQUA.

Not sure what the reason for this inconsitencies could be i let the system

fix one of the errors first to see what the system does. No visible change. 🙂

Then i checked the results of the CHM_LOG directly in the /SCWM/AQUA

and the only difference i could find was that the field Movement Reason was

filled in the /SCWM/AQUA but not in the result of the /CHM_LOG. So i tried

another one.

To me it looks like the system counts the existence of the movement reason

in these entries as an inconsitency. This doesn't make any sense to me.

I also checked all the affected Handling Units and all of them were posted

to blocked stock with the movement reasons visible in the /SCWM/AQUA.

Can anyone explain to me why the system sees this as an inconsitency?

Greetings Tobias

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