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Missing option how to reverse delivery distribution from EWM


We are missing an option on how to reverse the distribution of delivery from EWM. Problems occur when we want to change the amount on inbound delivery or batch on outbound delivery.


is there any option how to reverse delivery so we will be able to edit delivery in ERP (VL02/VL32)?

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There are two ways to reverse the process after distributing the delivery to EWM.

  1. You can delete/zero out the outbound delivery from EWM side with APP "Manage Outbound Delivery Orders" or Change Inbound Deliveries(APP ID F1706) then re-create the delivery.
  2. You can also enable the delivery change flag at customizing "Configure SAP EWM-Specific Parameters" (SSCUI 102212), then it is possible to change the delivery at LE side APP "Change Outbound Delivery" (APP ID VL02n) or "Change Inbound Delivery"(APP ID VL32n).


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