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MinCapaUsage KF not working with TS Supply Optimizer

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I am trying to use the MinCapaUsage KF to force downtime on my resource for a few weeks. I've used the Violation Cost Rate for this KF & also made sure it is higher than the storage/production/transport costs. However, the TS Optimizer doesn't respect it & plans the full quantity. Our CAPASUPPLY KF is non editable as we interface it from S/4.

Any clues?


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Answers (2)

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Hi Anand,

To achieve downtimes, Using MinCapUsage and its corresponding Violation cost rate in Optimizer is not a good solution as you are introducing additional constraints into the optimization problems and it will increase runtime. Introducing very high costs also impacts the overall results of the optimizer which may be undesirable.

A better solution will be to bring the resource capacity from S/4 into a Custom stored Key figure. Then an adjustment key figure can be given to Planners where they can reduce resource capacity to Zero in specific periods. You can write calculations to copy the results into the Standard CAPASUPPLY key figure and then run the optimizer.

Let me know if you have any queries or concerns about this approach.


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Just had the same issue. I believe the MINCAPAUSAGEVIOLATIONCOSTRATE is calculated by the optimizer as a one-time cost if MINCAPAUSAGE constraint is not respected. Where with other cost key figures, the optimizer calculates the cost per UoM that is below the constraint.

I entered a very high MINCAPAUSAGEVIOLATIONCOSTRATE of 100.000 to ensure this is the highest cost for optimizer as my client needs to produce at 100% at all times. This solved my issue.

Let me know if this helped.