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Message no. BNK_UTIL004 issue


Hi Community,

This is with respect to conversion Project from ECC to S4. We are doing testing in Quality system which is replica of Production ECC system from configuration, master and transaction data perspective.

Quality system is converted to S4 HANA and we are trying to test BCM & SWIFT interface in the same environment. While we are trying to release the payment batch with BNK_MONI, we are getting error as "Release object does not exist for batch Message no. BNK_UTIL004.

Also, when we compare the same with past correctly processed data in ECC (ECC batch) we observed as under :

1./Status of S4 batch is having title "Payment batch created" while Status of ECC batch is having title as "Payment medium created"

2./ In BNK_MONI transaction: "File date" and "File ID" are generated in the ECC batch, while same is not the case with S4 batch

3./ In BNK_MONI transaction : "Ref. number" and "File name" are generated in the ECC batch, while the same is not the case with S4

Kindly help to identify where will be probable gap in customisation which is leading to this situaton / any special BTE checks which needs to be made?


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Hi Prashanth,

Below are the answers to your questions:

1. Once a batch is created, you get the status "Payment Batch Created." Once it is fully approved, the status changes to Payment Medium Created.

2. The file date and file ID get updated once the batch is fully approved; after approval, the payment file also gets created and updated with the ref number and file name.

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Hello Pankaj,

As per your point 1, once it is fully approved.... we are not able to approve and as we are trying to click on the approver list, system is giving message that : release object is not assigned for the batch ( BNK_UTIL004 messge)


and also we checked the SM37 job associated with BCM and found attached issue where payment medium job is failing


Kindly see if some pointers are there to resolve this issue.


Prasanth Kurup