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Materials in active integration model not reflecting in EWM/No queue stuck

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Hello friends,

I am trying to cif a huge material master data of 1lakh records.I am able to create and activate model succesfully but i observe materials are not appearing in EWM.Many are there and many are not,MATKEY table does not have the same count as my integration model line items.There is no stuck queu in ECCor EWM .I tried to break the records in different models,but i still see random material missing in EWM with no stuck queues.

Any suggestions would be really helpful.



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Answers (1)

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Hi Khushboo,

If some are there and some are not there, that means there might be possibility that all are transferred to SCM system but some of those only extended/created for EWM warehouse. Check other products which you are not able to see in EWM product master in APO product master.