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Material transfer (309) - Batch creation in EWM

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I am trying to perform material transfer (309 mvmt) from EWM monitor and from the /SCWM/POST During this transfer I need to be able to create a batch manually from EWM for the destination material. I get an error message.

In OMJJ, the movement type 309 allows the creation of a new batch manually.

I did the test using MIGO without going through EWM and using a storage location not managed by EWM. and it works. I'm able to create new batch.

On the other hand, in EWM, in this customizing point I do not have the hand to modify the criteria for the SPC document category.

System: Embedded EWM (S/4 2020)

Has anyone had the case before?


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Can you please share screenshot of the error message of the batch creation initiated from EWM.

As far as I see , EWM won't create batches automatically or manually for such material to material transfer or similar posting changes either in /SCWM/MON or /SCWM/POST. It always checks if batch is created for the destination part number or not.

I get the below error message in both monitor and POST.

I have seen direct batch creation in EWM for inbound delivery process only.