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Mannual CVC creation

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What is the scenario for mannual cvc creation? When we required to do cvc creation mannually?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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??? Manual CVC creation is always a valid method. A better question to ask is 'when is manual CVC not advisable'. The most common answer is 'whenever the solution indicates that there are too many CVCs to manage their creation manually'.

In your DP design, you will have to determine as part of your solution how CVCs will be created. You will use your expert knowledge to determine if it is feasible to automate CVC creation, based upon the availability of source data, and the requirements of the business users. In some projects, the PA is so small, and CVC changes happen so seldom, that it is not economic to create automated CVC creation functionality. In other projects, it is immediately obvious that no manual method will ever be adequate by itself.

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