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Location dependent product master data (/SAPAPO/MAT1)

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I've got a question about creation of Location dependent product master data in transaction /SAPAPO/MAT1.

In transaction /SAPAPO/LOC3/ I created location ZLOCATION2.

Then in transaction /SAPAPO/MAT1 I want to create new product.

I want to maintain location dependent product master data.

I select my location (ZLOCATION2), enter product name, press create button

Error message appears: "Invalid planning version"

If I try to choose planning version, system returns an error

"Product ZTEST2 for location ZLOCATION2 does not exist"

So to create location dependent product master data I need the version to be assigned, to assign version I need the location product data to be already created.

So what is the correct way to create location product data?

Thank you in advance,

Kind Regards,

Maria Kazakova

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Since you are creating master data directly in APO you need to assign the master data to model (which automatically assigns it to the associated planning versions) 000. You need to do this for Product Master, Location Master as well as Product-Location master (also for resources and PPM in case you manually create them in APO). This is not required if you transfer the master data from R/3 or ECC via CIF. During CIF transfer the master data gets assigned to model / version 000 automatically. Hence you do not have the problem when you extend an R/3 product to other locations in APO.

Hope this helps,


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Hello Experts,

I am trying to create product and location master data in APO itself. When I add a product and say save. It says product is saved but product is not displayed in the list. I tried to choose a active version though the tab on the up screen of /SAPAPO/MAT1. But it says no planning version to select. How to go about this.

Please help.