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Job BI_PROCESS_SCM_DP001 could not be scheduled. Termination with returncode 8

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Unable to schedule process chains  Job BI_PROCESS_SCM_DP001 could not be scheduled. Termination with returncode 8  Message no. RSPC065  Diagnosis Program RSPROCESS is to be scheduled as job BI_PROCESS_SCM_DP001 under user RFCUSER.  System Response Scheduling terminated with return code 8. The meanings of the return codes are as follows:  SY-SUBRC = 4: Scheduling terminated by user SY-SUBRC = 8: Error when scheduling job (JOB_SUBMIT) SY-SUBRC = 12: Error in internal number assignment Procedure

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Please adjust the default background user in target BW system via RSA1 -> Menu -> Global settings.

Please ensure that this default background user for BW has the type of system. Refer to note 511475 for further details.

As per OSS note 947690

Reason and Prerequisites

1. The user type of background user is incorrect.
2. Invalid host name setting.
3. Server name spelt wrong or wrong case-sensitivity for server name in sm51.
4. Process chain scheduled to run on a server which does not exist.
5. No instance is defined but the operation mode is set in sm63..


1. Set the background user profile according to note 511475.

2. Check the host name setting in sm65 and correct if necessary (refer note 23538).
3. Check the server settings in sm51 i.e., check for the spelling and correct case.
4. Schedule the chain with a valid server.
5. Maintain an instance of operation mode in rz04