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Issues with Delivery Updates from SAP TM

Hi guru´s,

I am implementing SAP TM with SAP S4 Order and Delivery Integration for International Transport. The process flow is standard, so the Sales Orders are sent from S4 to SAP TM to perform its transport planning. After that, Deliveries are created in S4 from SAP TM and their DTRs are created too. Summarizing....

1- Sales Order(SO) are created in SAP S4

2- OTR and Freight Units are created in SAP TM

3- Transport Planning is done in SAP TM for these FUs.

4- Outbound Deliveries(OD) are created from SAP TM in Freight Order or POWL´s UI. This step is made before actual goods load.

5- The Export Declarations are managed in SAP GTS through integration with SAP TM (FO´s).

6- The Planning dates (in FO and its FUs) are changed and I need to update the corresponding deliveries.

The problem I have is when I want to update planning dates of the Delivery. For Example, after creating and correctly saving ODs in S4, the planning dates(FO) or Loading Dates(FU) are changed. So, because the DTR´s have configured an Update/Split profile, the correct message appears in the UI. This message informs that a Data Update are necessary and is triggered. Nevertheless, the Delivery and its DTR are not updated. Checking services messages in the Tx "SRT_TOOLS", I cant see the corresponding message: OutboundDeliveryUpdateRequest_Out. Therefore, it is Ok that Delivery is not updated.

In the documentation, it is explained that after saving date updates, the system check if ODs in SAP ERP does not have one of the following statuses:

- Distribution status: "Distributed"

- Goods movement status: "Partially Completed" or "Completed"

If the delivery has one of the above statuses, SAP TM does not request the updates.

In my case, the Deliveries has the following status:

- Distribution status: "Not Relevant"

- Goods movement status: "Not Relevant"

So, the first point is: I dont know whether these status are generating the "No Update" or if there is another problem.

On other hand, when I change again the dates, a message appears that informs the following: "Trigger TRQ_SET_DLV_SPLUPD_STATUS set for later". So, does anyone know how to check or monitor this type of Triggers? In Tx SBGRFCMON there isnt any information about this trigger.

Finally, I would need update deliveries when actual quantities are reported. Is that possible in a standard way?

Thanks a lot.


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