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Dear experts,

I need to see the inventory turn report and is there any t-code for that ?

I was asked to get the list of slow moving inventory list and I currently have no idea where to look at..

for example, say item 'A' is in the storage and I wanna see the very first posting that of that item 'A' and all the movement since then...or to see the list of items that have no movement but is in the palnt.

I know i can check individual item in MB51 but this one doesn't give you the first posting date and too detailed.

So I need a report that can generate the first posting date and movement since then to see what items are not moving..

FYI below is the version I am using now.





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Hi, if you want to see when PGR or any other mat doc was posted, mentioned MB51 is fine. If you need to see movement within storage bins the LT23 (or WT if EWM) overview should be enough - you can see any single movement between storage bins and also you can deduct the PGR date from here