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Interchangeability and Horizon

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We have two products in interchangeability group. However, I found the substitution order could only be generated outside the SNP stock transfer horizon of successor even the demand on successor came earlier.

I assume that's how the system works. Because SNP doesn't generate stock transfer within STH. However, don't really agree on that should be the business case. Because for two products on the same location there's no lead time, the substitution should happen regardless STH.

Does anyone know if there's any solution to tackle above?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Subsitution orders should be generated based on the Valid from date defined in Interhchagebility group which may lie within stock tranfer horizon of successor product.As subsituation order is generated,it generates the demand for succesor product which will be covered by stock transfer receipt element generated outside stock transfer horizon of successor product.

Please see if the below information helps :

Product Interchangeability in a Stock Transfer Scenario

The key line in above help is :"In a stock transfer scenario, SAP APO can only take product interchangeability (InC) into consideration throughout the planning phase and the execution phase on the condition that a product has already been substituted by another product in the destination location."

Product Interchangeability in Supply Network Planning


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