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Instead of customer account, Expense GL should hit for Tax amount in FOC sales

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Hi All

I have a below requirement.

We have a process which similar to FOC Sales.

Order-Delivery + Billing with net value 0 but Tax should be calculated on the Invoice but should not debit the customer account instead it should hit the some Expense GL account which company provide it. 

Since the product is sample customer will not pay but it is taxable and company should pay the tax to the Govt. Please let me know if you need any further details. by adding the R100 we are making the net value zero.

e.g. below 




I tried in Google to find out similar requirement post but did not find helpful solution to the above. Please share the link if the similar issue was discussed before in SCN.


Small edition to initial post. The accounting entry should be as below. Please let me if this can be achievable if yes, what setting needs to be done?










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Create a new condition table with Field AUART (Sales Order Type) and relevant accounting keys and maintain respective GL account..

Follow steps mentioned in below answer to include this field in Field catalog -

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Thanks Shyamsumar for your reply! We have no issue with Revenue amount which is getting nullified with same Revenue account. Here customer account should not be debited, instead some Expense GL should be debited. Not sure how the above solution helps here( creating new table with sales order type as one of the field and maintain VKOA setting)
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Are you talking about to define a new table with sale order type key combination in Reconciliation Account determination procedure and maintain GL with this table so system determine this GL only when FOC sales is created and for other sales normally customer account is debited?