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In configuration SAP EWM 1709 ¿Is necessary link between WM and EWM?

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Hello guru's

I am trying to configure a new EWM in SAP HANA 1709, but I found that all the information is about:"Link ERP - EWM" or "Integration ERP - EWM"

¿Is obligatory/necessary create a warehouse in the traditional LE-WM -Logistics Execution - Define Warehouse number?

¿Can I create directly all organization structure and all the customizing in the SCM Extended Warehouse Warehouse - Extended Warehouse Management - Master data - Define warehouses numbers?

please, excuse me my english level, it is very, very basic.....

Thank you


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Hola Juergen

Thank you so much. I am clear with your answer....I understood perfectly, I must definitely create the classic warehouse with 3 digits...

PD: The first link in your signature is like "page not found"