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IBP TS Heuristic late delivered quantity

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I want to ask you how can I visible and consider late delivery of components with TS heuristic ?

I have a demand in week 30 of component A of 10 pc, but the supplier give me the information, that he can only deliver in week 32. 
I want that the TS heuristik (finit, infinite or propagade) this information consider and fullfill a delayed kf, 

I Insert the new value in kf "adj transfer receipts" and "adj external reseipts" but the algorithmen ignore it


Thanks in advance 



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Hi @Olli76 ,

Though delayed, Commitment from Supplier should be recorded as the scheduled delivery in the PO's 'Delivery Schedule tab. Also the same should be recorded in the Confirmed Transport Receipt Keyfigure with respect to Supplier Location or in the Confirmed External Reciepts without reference to the Ship From Location.

In case of Infinite Heuristics at Week 30, Transport Receipts will still be created by S&OP operator which results in the excess inventory. In case of Finite Heuristics, We can use Keyfigures such as IPU Late Delivery Maximum Periods along with IPU Delivered Cost Rate to agree the delay and to control the inventory level.

Best Regards,


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Hi Riyaz
thanks for the response
I let run the propagation heuristic and the kf shortage is correct fullfill.