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IBP_RAGGR configuration question

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With Recommended Safety stock living at WKPRODLOC, when I do a Rolling aggregation of the 13wks - is it possible to define that I want it at 13 CalWeeks or a different time level? Obviously if I do a 13 periods at tech week level - the math produces a technically correct result, but it isn't functionally what they want.


I can move my 13Wk Avg kf to CALWK but then I have to also adjust exchange rate, since the stock Exchange Rate KF lives at MTH - thus the dilemma

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Dan,

This is not an unusual scenario. There is no harm in calculating the recommended Safety Stock at CalWeek Level and review the recommended safety stock value in terms of techwk.

We cannot always expect the value to be aligned in calweek level especially during the month shift.

Do your Business ask you to follow the exchange rate of the TechWk A to be used for TechWk B as well to have an alignment at techwk and calwk. Please confirm.



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